• "Marielle Renée Rousseau plays Leontes’ young son with the bold freedom to indulge in the physical and vocal qualities of a child. Then she delights us as the lovesick Perdita, swooning and flirting with equal gusto. Portraying young love takes a sweet kind of courage, and Rousseau conveys the intensity of it with sublime unself-consciousness."

- Alex Brown, Seven Days on The Winter's Tale


  • "By that time ... The Winter's Tale becomes a delightful production, thanks to the charming performances of Rousseau and Kyle Smith, the young royal couple"

- Brent Hallenbeck, The Burlington

Free Press on The Winter's Tale

  • "Far more challenging than the antics of buffoons and drunkards, though, are those of Shakespeare’s lovers. In inexperienced hands, young love on stage can become a low point in the emotional current, something to be endured before returning to the high jinks of a Falstaff, Puck or Caliban. In the skillful hands of Burlington native Marielle Renée Rousseau and Nick Piacente, Miranda and Ferdinand are fully shaped characters far greater than the sum of their requisite kisses and caresses."

- Lindsay J. Westley, Seven Days on The Tempest